WiFi Map Pro - Free Internet App Reviews

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Free version is better

Stupid. To use this apps full features, one needs to login through Facebook. What if one doesnt have Facebook? The free version let you create an account with email.

people needs to share more

very nice app, but need mote active users to share passwords!


Super app! Hilfe in jeder action

Tut, was es soll ...

Praktisches Tool.

Top App

Eine Superheld App immer alle WLAN im Blick

Wifi Passwords Pro

This is the best app ever! Great compared to the free version!

It works

A obviously pro is better.

Great app to network and save maps to phone

I like it a few of the wifi passwords are old but its a great tool to save and share wifi


It okay. Has been very helpful. But has a moment or two where it wasnt picking up what my iPhone was seeing.

Very nice.

Love it!

U guys rock

Very good u should try

Whats the diff

I dont see much difference from the free version to the full version.

Yeah! Free wifi!!!

This app let you find wifi code for restaurant and café so you dont have to ask the employee. It is super easy to use. And if its not there and you have to ask someone, please add it to the map and participate to make this app better.

Should filter only secured eifi

No way to hide unencrypted hotspots

Good app, but has downfalls..

Its a great app for finding wifi networks around you, but.. allot of the networks listed havent been updated or removed if the wifi no longer exists. Should have a "dead wifi" reporting link. Also, it tries to make a ap profile using your facebook account, but BEWARE it POSTS on your friends walls for you without your knowledge. This is not cool, and shouldnt be a requirement to make a profile with this app!


Worked fine last week. Now Launch and crash. Will not work on Iphone 4s or Iphone SE. Do NOT waste money on this. Tried everything. Fact that both phones experience same problem clearly points the finger at this app. DO NOT WASTE TIME OR MONEY ON THIS

Not bad but it could be better

Could be better

Wifi map

I have full trouble!

Super useful app!

Super useful app an idea itself. I have created open networks as well. Thanks!



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